Alan Matthews

Case study

Accurate Cutting Services Ltd brings solutions and efficiency gains to manufacturers prior to machining, and after casting, forging, fabrication and extrusion.

The West Midlands–based company sought to broaden its product and service offerings through selective strategic alliances. (It was also, at one time, in urgent need of more promotional literature: it was running out, and wanted to be ready with improved literature for an imminent aerospace exhibition.)

Here’s what it has to say about working with Alan Matthews:

“Alan absorbed a complex brief from us thoroughly and promptly, going on to write well–targeted, substantive and compelling copy for a comprehensive set of brochure materials.

He maintained good liaison with our business development directors, as well as meeting with sales and support staff. He helped to progress the work through a third party graphic design and printing company. The materials gained immediate approval both within and outside the company, and they continue to play a significant part in our achievement of profitable growth.

Particularly noteworthy was Alan’s working with nominated customers of our company, researching and writing–up case studies about our service to them. These powerful testimonies to our capability, and demonstrations of strong relationships with our customers and users, have had a major, beneficial effect on our business development.

Alan showed himself to be an enterprising and skilled marketing communications professional, able to work to deadlines while achieving a consistently high standard of work. We would recommend him for consideration by other companies.”

The company’s website is www.accurate–, where the company profile, case studies and various service pages embody content developed by Alan.

Images courtesy of Accurate Cutting Services Ltd

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